QC Profile


We are committed to all products that are qualified and high quality. To ensure that every product delivered to our customers is problem-free, we have performed the following processes:


1、Supplier Control: Select a high-quality supplier to test the sample first to ensure the quality of the component.

2、IQC: Quality inspection of incoming materials during production to ensure the quality of connectors and wire components, parts, and electronic materials.

3、IPQC: Check during production to ensure the effective connection between the wire welding end and the connector welding end without short-circuits and false welding.

4、Aging test: experimental test to ensure that the product can work normally.

5、FQC: Check the finished product, the appearance of the finished product, the electrical connection test of the wire and connector, and the packaging inspection.


After the above strict product quality control process and complete testing experiments, we guarantee that each product produced is high quality and meets customer requirements.


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